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Suspended ceilings
wall partition


Suspended ceilings:

  - single level,

  - double,

  - triple,

  - curved,

 Wall partitions:

  - single board,

  - double board,

  - triple board,

   with or without isolation,

  - fire rated,

  - corner/edgebits instalation,

  - tape and jointing, plastering

  - wall and floor panel instalation,

  - hardwood flooring,

  - skirtings,

  - internal doors,

  - window sills,

  - thresholds,

  - moldings,

  - carpets,

  - cabinets instalation,

  - wardrobes,

  - sliding doors:

  - LED lighting

 External carpentry

  - wood and composit decks,

  - balconies


  - white paint,

  - color,

  - dyeing,

 Surfaces:                                             - wood:

  - doors,

  - windows,

  - sills,

  - mouldings,

 Wall papers instalation

- ceramic tiles,

- gress,

- ceramic shleves,

- bathroom cabinets 


- bathtub,

- sinks,

- gabaryts,

- toilets,

- plumbing,

- mixers, 

- corner bits instalation

- grouting


Working within home improvemnt industry for many years allowed us to gain knowladge on how to run construction project the right way. Every contract we take is run according with curent technology, based on highest market standarts, customers expectations, using only highest quality materials. Taking newest trends and techologies into consideration, every time we hand over the work we gyaranty functionality and style for years to come. What difine us is that, when we start the work, you will only have to worry about what kind of design you want to achive. Signing the contract will be preceded with detailed site survey, desired design details, choosing right materials for the job, and setting job schedule. Our resposibility is complex consulting about different ways for achiving desired effect. Every project means more time for you, highest quality service guaranty, based on precision and highets market standarts.
No idea will be an isue. We do complete carpentry and decoration services. All services done within signed time frames. 
We are here to:
 - To learn about your expectations,
 - Consult all required materials,
 - Recomend different solutions,
 - Hand over the job based on scheduled timeframe and budget,
Achiving any design want be an issue







Lokalizacja: Czyżyny

Zakres prac: Sufit kasetonowy o

powierzchni 180 m2, wraz z 

folią i izolacją, nadbudowy przeciwpożarowe ścian 46 m2

Czas Realizacji: 18 dni


Lokalizacja: Stare Miasto

Zakres Prac: Pena renowacja

kuchni i łazienki

Czas Realizacji 20 dni


Lokalizacja: Wieliczka

Zakres prac: sufit karton/gips 

na ruszcie metalowym 150 m2

Czas realizacji: 7 dni


Lokalizacja: Prądnik Czerwony

Zakres Prac: Kuchnia

Czas realizacji: 11 dni


Lokalizacja: Stare Miasto

Zakres prac: sufit podwieszany

na ruszcie metalowym 120 m2,

sufit podwieszany 9 m2 na 

ruszcie metalowym z

oświetleniem LED,

wnękowe zabudowy ścienne,

Czas Realizacji 22 dni 


Lokalizacja: Wola Duchacka

Zakres Prac: Renowacja mieszkania

56 m2 (malowanie, usunięcie ścian)

Czas Realizacji 6 dni

Message instruction:
ul. Wilgotna 6
30-638 Kraków
NIP: 6020098494

Thanks for contacting...!!!

In the message area please give us the most accurate project description so:

 1 Full Adress,

 2 Typ of the property, and the room which will be renovated:

  - Flat,

  - House,

  - Bedroom,

  - Bathroom,

  - Diningroom etc...,

 3 Short desired design description,

 4 Picture or architectural plans for the area?,

 5 Desired timeframe for the project? 

All above information will significantly shorten projects timeframe.



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